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[Jan. 29th, 2007|08:46 pm]
Granada High's GSA


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We had our first meeting of the new term. I am the new president since Kit has graduated and moved to So. Cal. We wish her the best and miss her.

Anyway, the GSA will be taking a bit of a new turn this term. We will be exploring things that we don't understand. Today was a day for us to think about what we want to do until school gets out, and we came up with a list of topics we want to discuss:

*How different countries worldwide address sexuality
*Is it possible to influence others' sexuality? How fluid IS sexuality?
*living with gay parents
*homosexuality in the work place
*homosexuality in the boy/girlscouts
*good book day
*day of silence - plans 
*The Harvey Milk School - would you want to go to an all-gay school?

and I'm sure the list will grow. Also, the GSA is seriously considering doing the SF AIDS walk this summer as a club and fundraising on campus. I think it will be more successful than our AIDS project last year, and will be a positive experience for the walkers. It was suggested that we have an AIDS walk at Granada, but I'm not sure if we can do that because it talkes several months to plan something like that, tons of faculty support, and frankly more organization than what the club has. We could line up with Club Infinity and Interact, but even then, it could be out of reach. Dani, the new vice president, and I will probably have a meeting with the Princible to discuss any fundraisers for AIDS soon, whether it be for an on-campus walk or the SF AIDS walk.